Guided mountaineering instruction and tours

Sierra Mountain Guides was formed in 1997 by a group of forward-thinking veteran local and international guides based in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. These folks carried the torch from the likes of Smoke Blanchard, John Fischer, Allan Bard, and Doug Robinson, who pioneered modern guiding from the Eastside of the range.  Guides have since come and gone from the group, but since the beginning SMG has included some of the most accomplished and reputable mountain guides in the US., including former President of the AMGA John Cleary (who was largely the founder of the company), legendary IFMGA mountain guides Mark Houston and Kathy Cosley (Kathy being the first female American IFMGA guide), veteran Sierra guide Robert “SP” Parker, and Doug Nidever of June Lake, just to name a few.  Long time local IFMGA guides Howie Schwartz and Neil Satterfield took over management of SMG in 2006 and have since built the organization into one of the top guide services in the nation.


312 North Main Street
Bishop, CA  93514