The June Lake Loop is one of Yosemite National Park's nearest gateway communities. When traveling northward, U.S. 395 North merges with State Route 120 West at the North Junction of the June Lake Loop. Highway 120 proceeds over Tioga Pass, the highest elevation highway pass in the Sierra Nevada, at 9,941 feet. The gate to Yosemite National Park is at the top of the pass, about 25 miles from June Lake Village. Due to the extremes of these high mountains, Tioga Pass is typically open from late May through about November each year, and is closed during the winter.


After crossing the Sierra Nevada crest among 12,000 foot peaks, the Tioga Pass road proceeds through Tuolumne Meadows, Tenaya Lake, Olmstead Point (you will catch your first glimpse of the famous Half Dome here), through the Yosemite Creek and White Wolf areas to Crane Flat. The distance to Crane Flat from June Lake is about 70 miles. Turn Left, and proceed about 15 minutes more to the Yosemite Valley Floor.



Yosemite Valley is of course renowned over the world for its sheer canyon walls, monolithic granite domes and peaks, and fantastic waterfalls. The scenic values of June Lake Loop, lying just east of Yosemite Valley, while much different, can be almost equally dramatic, and the trip over the mountains between the two locations is incredible. June Lake can be a great complement to your Yosemite vacation, or visa versa.


Transportation is provided to and from Yosemite Valley each day by the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation Service - YARTS. The bus has three stops within the Loop each morning and evening: at the Junction Kiosk, June Mountain Parking Lot, and Silver Lake Boat Launch. Check the YARTS website for schedules and fares.

For more information visit:
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